If you are building or restoring your Poncho’s power plant and need to prime the oiling system using a drill – remember this:

Spin the drill counter-clockwise!

This is the only way to get the oiling system to prime. If you only spin the oil pump driveshaft in the clockwise direction, ZERO oil will flow!

Have fun!

Pontiac 455

on December 5th, 2012

We are getting close! The old engine is out of the car and we only have a few more tasks to wrap up, including:

  • Priming the oil system,
  • Completing the water pump installation,
  • Checking bolt holes on the flex plate.

Update: These tasks have been completed and we started the engine swap!

See pictures below


on October 22nd, 2012


Nice little clip from our day at the track. Here are some stats from our runs:

10/13/2012 – Knoxville Dragstrip

Run Time ET MPH Reaction 60’ MOV (ft) Full
1 10:49am  7.075  96.94  0.123  1.5270  NA    460  451 
2 12:06pm  7.111  95.86  0.100  1.5570  NA    453  714 
3 (R1) 1:22pm  7.067  98.35  0.063  1.5370  -10.1    461  841 
4 (R2) 2:34pm  7.080  96.32  0.075  1.5430  -8.8    459  939 
5 (R3) 3:53pm  7.088  96.24  0.077  1.5490  -3.4    457  955 

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on September 24th, 2012

A bracket.

You can see how bent the old ladder bar is. Sorry about the weird back drop, this one is taken with the components sitting atop a trash can.

So then we fixed it and put a video together showing the rear being placed back into the car.

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on September 16th, 2012

I had some luck this weekend getting the new suspension brackets welded in place. I am going over some existing welds on both sides to make sure everything has a good bond. My hunch is that some portions of the other brackets might be cold-welded in the same way as the bracket I broke. It might be overkill, but I am going to wire brush and repaint everything anyway, so might as well sure-up some welds since I have the equipment out and available.

This project has been fun. I spent some time trial fitting the axle with the new brackets tacked into their location and although it was extremely difficult to move the rear around and get it into position (rears don’t fare well sitting atop a floor jack) it ultimately gave me a lot of confidence that the location of the bracket was correct and that this repair will result in good progress.