on January 8th, 2014

fuel-pump-install-hp150Sorry for the long down time. We have been busy working on DragTracker.com – making it “all it can be”. We haven’t arrived, but based on the number of users on the system, we think it is starting to fill a need.

Anyway – this weekend I welded in the new brackets for the fuel pump. This was a little bit of a challenge because I’ve never welded on my back before. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Just have to be careful about what is on the ground below your head (is it flammable?) because you don’t want your face or hair to catch fire and you also need to be sure you are getting a good weld (ie, not welding on paint or oils).

Once I got the bracket made and welded – the easy part was hooking up the pump. All my connections worked, all the hardware fit and the pump ran nice and quiet when I turned it on.

Looking forward to starting the engine again in a few weeks to hear her “purr”. Also looking forward to taking the car out and being competitive once again!

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on August 2nd, 2013

Had some fun working on the car this week. Things accomplished include:

  • Changing front brake lines
  • Buying a new fuel pump
  • Tightening oil pan bolts
  • Tightening header bolts
  • Shortening vacuum tubes (from valve covers to whistle tubes on headers)

So what’s left before raceday? Only a couple things:

  • Bleed brakes
  • Install fuel pump

And what is planned for next as far as changes to the car?

  • Change rear gears (going up to 4.88 from 4.11)
  • Get a new torque converter to tighten things up and apply all the torque coming out of this monster motor 🙂

It is going to be a very exciting couple of months!

I need my distributor identified – MSD Tech Support Forums.

My dad always kept great notes and when I couldn’t find this part on the Summit Racing website – I google searched and found this forum entry. Thankful for dad’s notes AND for MSD keeping this 10 year old forum post.

on February 8th, 2013

I am excited to announce that the big engine rebuild project that we started back in 2011 roared to life tonight. Below is a screenshot of a graph showing the the exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) for about a minute of running time.


The graph shows that the front cylinders were running a little hot, around 1354 – 1384 degrees F at a mere 1774 RPM, even though the ambient air temperature was only about 50 degrees F. So we have something to investigate. We don’t usually see EGTs that high unless we are screaming through the top end at 125 MPH!

I had almost worn the battery out by the time the engine started. It turns out you need A LOT of juice to turn over an engine with springs that have such high pressures.

I was able to run the engine long enough to check the timing, which was at 30 degrees. We’ll probably want to run it up another 2 – 6 degrees, but for a first time startup hitting 30 degrees is pretty good, so I’m proud of that.

Anyway, I’m over the moon that our 455 (467 total displacement) engine fired and successfully warmed up. I’m looking forward to starting it again in the near future, and I’m really looking forward to taking it down the strip in just a few months.

on December 28th, 2012

oil levelAs I have been working on the new motor and getting it installed in the car, the question has come up about ensuring the proper oil level. Luckily I took this picture so I can quickly tell where I need to be using the same dipstick.

We are getting VERY close to firing it up – I will keep you posted!