If you are building or restoring your Poncho’s power plant and need to prime the oiling system using a drill – remember this: Spin the drill counter-clockwise! This is the only way to get the oiling system to prime. If you only spin the oil pump driveshaft in the clockwise direction, ZERO oil will flow! […]

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on December 5th, 2012

We are getting close! The old engine is out of the car and we only have a few more tasks to wrap up, including: Priming the oil system, Completing the water pump installation, Checking bolt holes on the flex plate. Update: These tasks have been completed and we started the engine swap! See pictures below

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on September 8th, 2012

Wow – these look great! I am so impressed with their work. I did the EGT bung welding. The headers are from Butler Performance and are manufactured by Doug’s Headers I also welded in the Moroso Crankcase Evacuation Kit, and it looks to me like they went over the welds with a sand roller (although […]

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Adjustable Timing Light Aftermarket Harmonic Balancers Photo 5. I was concerned that my balancer might be too far away from the timing marks and therefore not actually be installed correctly but looking at this image lets me know that we are in good shape. I’ll post my own pics in the future.

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on June 7th, 2012

Stoked! Got a call today, my EGTs are coming soon. Was hoping to have them in July but elated to find they are going to be here next week! Yay Racepak!

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