After looking at all the parts I am going to need for this engine build, I thought it might be a good time to look at a budget. Wow.

Current Budget for Race Motor 455/2011

Rotating Assembly 1699 Purchased
Machine shop work (bore/hone/magnaflux) 400 Purchased
Cam bearings 20 Purchased
Camshaft 330 Purchased
Freeze plugs 20 Purchased
Megabrace 200 Purchased
Dipstick Tubes 45 Purchased
Heads 3250 Purchased
Flexplate 110 Purchased
Valley Pan 80 Purchased
Head Bolts 160 Purchased
Head Gaskets 180 Purchased
Rocker Arms 290 Purchased
Lubes / Expendables 150 Purchased
Lifters 490 Purchased
Balancer 210 Purchased
EGTs 1400 Purchased
Pushrods 120 Purchased
Headers 600 Purchased
Sum $9754

Parts List

Here are pictures in a Facebook album dedicated to the engine: