Spent the evening at Knoxville Dragstrip last night. Good times. But the last run was a little weird. It totally skipped the 1-2 shift. I’m thinking it was traction related (do we need new slicks?)

Here is the Racepak chart for all 4 runs.
2014-08-23 08_06_51-DataLinkII
The two red circles are for that 4th run. You can see the driveshaft to engine ratio spiked (which mean the tires spun) and I think it shifted from 1st to 2nd right then and there and then later in the run (around the 2.25 seconds mark, where it usually shifts 1-2, you can see it was flatlined because the engine was just pulling through 2nd.

So – why did it lose traction? Are the tires out of stickiness? We are definitely getting close to the wear indicators.

I think you get about 200 – 250 runs out of a set of slicks (based on recent convos I’ve had lately – I haven’t personally researched it yet) and looking back through my notes – we have probably made half of those since I took over the racing operation in late 2003. Crazy to think – but yeah – these are things that wear out so it very well may be time for a new set of shoes. So I’ll add that to the budget and we’ll keep on trucking. But now – the question is for today. Do I try to make another run? Or do put on the set of “spare” slicks we have? I think I am going to put on the spare set. 2014-08-23 08_16_32-Datasheet _ DragTracker.com

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