I finished the welding efforts on the headers. It honestly didn’t go exactly as planned; there were a few mistakes. New bungs from Racepak cost $38 for 8 – which is fine – but I bought a few extra in case I have trouble on the next set of headers. I also installed a Moroso 25900 Crankcase Evacuation kit which consisted of welding the whistle tubes to the collector portion of the header. It was extremely difficult to get a bead all the way around the tube at the entry point because of the 45°ree; angle. If we find that it leaks I am hopeful we can put some epoxy on it to get the seal.

Anyway, the headers should come back from the coater any day now. I’m very excited to evaluate how they look and how the welds, bungs and tubes have held up to the process. We have never run ceramic coated headers on our Pontiacs, so I’m interested to see if the heat dissipation noticeably affects under-hood temperatures.

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