NASCAR-military tradition faces congresswoman's effort to cut sponsorships – Racing.

Yikes. Without the ability to provide any hard numbers, this is going to be a hard sell. A hard sell to Congress (who is, or should, be fearing for their jobs) and a hard sell to those who live in the city, have no connection with or to any kind of motorsports program or the racing community. They probably see it as a big waste of money, as much as I see spending public money on painting huge murals on the sides of buildings in the projects as a waste. Sure – I can appreciate the value, I support the arts in a lot of ways, but feel that it is wrong to spend public money on it. Same thing here – people might feel like it is not being a good steward of American tax dollars to spend on advertising for our military in this way. The way the article is written it sounds like NASCAR and Hendrick Motorsports need to get some more facts together to make this argument or they are going to lose a client.