This afternoon I take delivery of my first Go Pro camera.

I have wanted one for MONTHS. Largely due to this awesome video:


I love the music, the footage, the way it is all put together. Although there is no car racing, and that is primarily how we will use it, this makes everyone who watches it feel like they are participating in extreme sports. I want a camera that will facilitate that kind of ability to draw the viewer into the scene. Very excited to take delivery of this today. Interested to see how great our footage will be.

1 Comment on It’s Coming – GO PRO HD!

  1. Lauren says:

    AWESOME. Can’t wait to see the footage that comes from racing. The video is great inspiration – lots of different angles and ideas for how to cut together an epic vid of an epic moment. I never thought a fisheye would add so much to the material, but it’s plain to see that it’s necessary for all the tight spots, and when the camera’s not in a tight spot it just adds to the shot to get all the amazing background. This looks like something that should go with everyone on a vacation/roadtrip/adventure!