I had a chance to take some new measurements of deck heights on the engine. I don’t have the whole chart with me to show you but I hadn’t taken this measurement since I installed the rods and pistons and got everything torqued down with the block decked. I was checking deck heights to make sure I was checking piston to valve clearance on the cylinder that was “tallest” because I felt like that would have the highest probability of clearance issues. In my deck height measurements, cylinder 1 & 3 were the highest at -0.010 . This means they were sticking out of the hole by 1 hundredth of an inch. I have been performing MOST of my checks on cylinder 1 so this is good to know. We should have plenty more clearance in each of the other cylinders.

I plan to conduct this test once more before I button up the engine so that I am sure I know, with as much accuracy as possible, exactly how close each piston is to a zero deck.

I ordered 9.400 pushrods from Butler a few days ago and was able to get them integrated into my valvetrain. Looks great and feels good to know we are that much closer. The 9.400 didn’t give me all that I was hoping for as far as correcting the geometry – I would have preferred to get my roller rocker a little closer to the center of the valve – but I don’t think it will be a problem – that is – I don’t think the amount it is off center will pose a problem – especially because it will get closer once I introduce lash (I have been testing everything with zero lash).

Another set of measurements that I took last night were for total lift. The cam spec sheet says that lobe lift is 0.440. It also says that Gross Valve Lift is 0.660. Well – it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the gross valve lift implies that they are using a 1.5 rocker and simply multiplying the lobe lift by the rocker ratio.

0.440 X 1.5 = 0.660

So armed with that information, to determine what gross valve lift I should see on my setup, I multiplied the lobe lift by the ratio of 1.52

0.440 X 1.52 = 0.668

This is what number I expected to see on my dial indicator where I am taking the measurement (which is the spring retainer). The reading that I actually saw was 0.692. I am suspicious of this number so I’ll be conducting further tests to figure out if this is a situation where something is not right – or if I have miscalculated. Will get back to you.

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