I spent a few minutes in the garage over the weekend – I am working on the new engine. Most of my time was spent finding a flywheel that we use to degree our cam and then getting it installed on the engine. I’m going to fabricate a pointer that will be based off the distributor bolt hole. I like using the flywheel (its actually an OEM flexplate) as our degree wheel because the diameter is so large that it has superior accuracy to the traditional degree wheel available for purchase. Also – there is no question about where TDC (top dead center) is located because the bolt holes for the plate force it to be positioned correctly. The only bummer is that you have to look at the back of the engine while turning it over but this is a small bummer 🙂

Anyway – I was going to try to set my cam timing and degree the cam with the high performance, high pressure valve springs in tact but it is too hard to get the engine to turn over without meeting alot of resistance so I pulled the head and am going to replace the spring with a light one. This will also allow me to use the adjustable pushrod that we have to take an accurate measurement there. I found a set of Buick pushrods that are 9.378 and the length seems just about perfect but I need a stronger pushrod and finding one at that exact length hasn’t been easy so I am going to look for what range (a min and max) length will be acceptable to promote proper valve train geometry.

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